Welcome! I’m Dan and I founded the Improved Brain Health website to help people learn how to stay mentally sharp and put the brakes on memory loss throughout their lives . During my life I have had to deal with the same issues most people face such as weight control, staying active, eating healthy, and overcoming serious medical problems. As you know, staying healthy requires knowledge, effort, and persistence at any age but especially as we grow older. By keeping up on the latest research and trying out what I’ve learned, I have identified some key steps to take to preserve my mental performance and keep my memory from slipping. The key steps are basic lifestyle changes that will work for you too.

My Story and Brain Health

For most of my career I was a management consultant in the healthcare field. In this line of work I needed to have and keep up-to-date on skills in statistics, writing, problem solving, negotiation, and teamwork. So I’ve always had to be mentally agile and retain a lot of information. Now that I am retired, and I have an increasing appreciation for how precious life is, I keep mentally and physically active so I can enjoy each day to the fullest. I recently reached the age of 72 and I’ve experienced common signs of aging, namely forgetting why I entered a room or forgetting where I put my cellphone. As with other life challenges, I’ve learned to treat these memory lapses as a call to action in defining my own future rather than just accepting them as an affliction to be endured.

As a consultant, my mission was to help managers and executives improve the performance of their organizations and the quality of the services they provide. The first steps in bringing about improvements are to clearly understand the current situation and then identify the areas of the greatest need for improvement.

Brain Health is My Personal Mission

Looking around me now as a retired senior, I see that what people my age need the most is to stay physically and mentally fit as long as possible so they can enjoy life to the fullest. In addition, recently medical researchers have found that conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease can be prevented, delayed, and even reversed if preventive steps are taken early enough. So my current personal mission is for me and others to get the most out of life and give the most to others by achieving and sustaining the highest level of mental functioning possible at any age.

The Mission of this Website is to Help You Stay Healthy and Enjoy Life

My goal for this website follows from my personal mission, it is to help you achieve and sustain the highest level of mental and physical functioning possible for you. Much of what this website covers has to do with the external things you can do to promote mental fitness and memory retention such as diet, exercise, social engagement, and healthy lifestyle choices. In addition to these external activities and aids, your inner world needs to be engaged in the quest for brain health. Do you have a healthy passion to learn, experience and enjoy more of life? What inspires you and gives life meaning? Do you have the motivation, clarity, and discipline to make progress toward your goals? We all have our own individual situations in life and our own individual goals and expectations. My goal for you is to help you better understand your current state of brain health, and to help you clarify your individual goals and expectations for your own desired level of brain health, and to bring your current situation and your goals closer together.

If you ever have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below and I will be happy to help in any way I can.

All the best,

Dan Schroeder



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